A downloadable Workbook

This workbook is based on an article written by Gary Gygax in 1975, less than 12 months after D&D was released. It encapsulates his thinking at the time about how to get your own D&D campaign world started. I have taken his general advice and parsed it out into achievable, bite-sized prompts & goals for a week-by-week program. 

Italian translation by Roberto Bisceglie available:  https://ita-translation-alliance.itch.io/la-sfida-gygax-75

To print the booklet file, make sure your printer is set to no-scaling (or 100% scaling to the paper, which is intended to be US Letter), 2-sided, binding on short edge. If you don't have a long-arm or booklet stapler, square up the pages and fold them in half to get your crease. Open the booklet back up and place it face down on a few sheets of cardboard. (Anything flat and firm, but not impenetrable, will work. Like an ironing board.) Place two staples along the crease, then pull the booklet away from your surface and bend the prongs of the staples in carefully with your thumb (or use a pencil eraser). Voila!


gygax75-screen.pdf 17 MB
gygax75-booklet.pdf 17 MB


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Now available in Italian!

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Hi Ray, since you released this under a CC BY-SA is it OK with you if I am going to translate it in Italian?

100% ok. Feel free to link the result here.

Here it is! Thank you for your kind support and this amazing workbook


Anyone interested in a world-builder jam? I'm thinking of picking a month and seeing what people can come up with using this toolset. Winners would be shared through itch.io obviously.

that would be fantastic


What would you think about converting this to a 4 week approach, and then doing it in November as an alternative to NaNoWriMo?  I like the idea of doing something in a month but I don't always want to write a novel.

sounds like fun

Did this happen?

Got it printed and excited to try it out. Thank you!

Awesome. Let me know how it goes


My friend and I recorded our week by week conversations as we playtested the first version of this workbook (link below). 


Now that the book is revised, I'm releasing the week 4 and 5 discussions over the next week.

Any development on week 4 and week 5?

The screen doc has all 5 weeks, the booklet has up to week 3.

The booklet has everything. Not sure what you mean. I just downloaded it and checked ... 22 pages of 2-page spreads compared to the screen's 44 pages of 1-ups. Also all the page numbers are there. I think you are confused by the fact that the  booklet is made for printing/stapling, so the page order in the PDF is all 'jumbled.' The last page of the booklet PDF would be the center. 

Yes, I was mistaken, I scrolled to the end and got chapter three, no worries!


I am reminded of a blog post I liked that said that on a 2d6 encounter table, 12 is ALWAYS a dragon.

Good rule!


I think I read that one too... 2 is ALWAYS a wizard?

That rings a bell. 


http://www.paperspencils.com/structuring-encounter-tables/  This would be the one your thinking about.