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The Oracle is a tool for storytelling. Use it to replace the Game Master (GM) in a role-playing game, for solo play, or to facilitate fiction writing. All you need is 3 six-sided dice (a pair in one color and a single in a contrasting color) and a table from the rules to play. 

The Oracle clearly owes a debt of inspiration to the Mythic GM Emulator, by Tana Pigeon. I objected to the convoluted design and (IMO) sexist art in that work, so I went about making something similar for my own purposes. None of Tana's text was used and the odds, dice, terms, etc. are all pretty different.  However the results in the events table are pretty similar, as is the overall concept of how the oracle table works. So, credit where credit is due.

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Thanks for putting this together and keeping it updated. I want to bundle printed copies with dice as gifts, particularly for creative friends who do little or no TTRPG-ing. Any recommendations for where to buy good shaker containers?


Neat! I just got them off Amazon. Little ones (link below) but they require TEENY TINY dice and aren't incredibly clear. My bigger one which holds small d6s with lots of room to spare I got out ouf a vending machine. 



Just search for vending machine capsules. But pay attention to size comparative to the size of the dice you want to use. 

Many thanks for the reply and the details!


Oh, one other thing. The booklets once printed fit nicely in the pocket in the back of the smallest Moleskine (or similar notebook). Might be a nice way to give them out with a little golf pencil or something. :) Or maybe the booklet would fit curved up in one of the bigger shaker bubbles? Hmmmm. I may have to experiment.

Great suggestion to include a notebook and pencil. They’ll have everything they need to start journeying. 🎲📔 ✍🏼 📄 

Hi.  Thank you for this Oracle.  It's definitely a useful minimalist take on the Mythic GME.  I'm a little confused about Twists.  The description strikes me as similar to the results on the Events table.  Are we meant to roll on the events table when we roll a twist? If not, have you ever made a table to roll for twists, separate from Events?  I feel like there's a procedural overlap in the definitions of Events and Twists.  Thanks again.

Twists happen at the scene level, events within a scene. In other words, when you start a new scene you check for a twist based on the current stability factor. Once you are in the scene only events will happen, and those are geared toward shading/pushing the yes/no dice rolls. The only guidance for twists is in the "Concepts" section. It is a minimalist process for sure, relying a lot on users to make it their own. That being said, I think it's fairly clear. "add, remove, or alter one of the key elements: character, time, tone, events in motion, etc. You might even try a flashback..."

Say you want a scene where your hero is negotiating with the orc chieftain of the bloodclaw tribe. You roll a twist. Here are some things you might do:
Character - add a wily shaman who will counsel the chieftain however you want him to -- but there is a cost
Time - this negotiation happened before the events of the "now" so you already know it goes south. You are playing the scene to see how.
Tone - you had something super serious in mind. Turns out the orcs are a wild bunch and you must party with them as their guest. How you handle yourself may have an influence on your morning-after discussion with the chieftain.
Events in Motion - the orcs have developed a super weapon you knew nothing about, the negotiation is about the terms of your surrender only, there is no chance they will accept peace thinking they have superiority. Your goal for the scene may be just to try and find out something about the weapon.


Thanks for that, I see it now.  I may make the list of twists into a little set of cascading tables to roll on.  Like you said, make it my own!

What's the valid Stability range? 4,5,6? Or is 1-10? I wasn't quite sure having re-read the rules just now. Thanks!

Based on the "framing the scene" I think I understand now :) Looks the valid values are 1-6?


Really enjoyed the oracle, but the author's name is Tana, Tom's her deadname. Hopefully you could correct that detail :)

Fixed. Thank you! I didn't know.

Also, while I fixed it in the description, I don't really know protocol in these instances. Since print editions will still say Tom, should I indicate that too somehow? 

(5 edits) (+1)

I don't know either! Maybe you could reupload the file if that's easy to do, or write a disclaimer if it isn't? I'm not informed myself and didn't intend to act preachy. I think not knowing is not surprising seeing how the original GME books carry that name. I didn't know myself until I looked at her more recent stuff! 

The file doesn’t mention her name. Just the description above. I think. Now I need to check. 


Very neat and handy! Thank you!

Nice conversion of Mythic to d6's.
The pocketmod looks good, too.


Thanks. It fits perfectly in a small Moleskine for playing anywhere. :)


Wow! This thing is clever. Glad to find you again outside of G+ and Twitter. Keep up the good work Ray!


Very cool, Ray. Formatting bug though -- the Events table entries are truncated.


Oh good lord! Thank you. Should be fixed now.