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The Oracle is a tool for storytelling. Use it to replace the Game Master (GM) in a role-playing game, for solo play, or to facilitate fiction writing. All you need is 3 six-sided dice (a pair in one color and a single in a contrasting color) and a table from the rules to play. 

The Oracle clearly owes a debt of inspiration to the Mythic GM Emulator, by Tom Pigeon. I objected to the convoluted design and (IMO) sexist art in that work, so I went about making something similar for my own purposes. None of Tom's text was used and the odds, dice, terms, etc. are all pretty different.  However the results in the events table are pretty similar, as is the overall concept of how the oracle table works. So, credit where credit is due.


oracle-v1d.zip 4 MB

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Wow! This thing is clever. Glad to find you again outside of G+ and Twitter. Keep up the good work Ray!


Very cool, Ray. Formatting bug though -- the Events table entries are truncated.

Oh good lord! Thank you. Should be fixed now.