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Fully illustrated, 24-36 page fantasy adventures for your tabletop games with rules bites based on the excellent Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. Visit a city built by a strange ancient alien race, now inhabited by intelligent apes atop a high jungle plateau. Explore an abandoned, subterranean kity of Kazarak of which no living dwarf will now speak. Wind your way through the eclectic hoard of an insane dragon. Fight with a band of hobgoblins, enslaved to an evil necromancer. Travel to an island nation at the edge of the world, trading with realms beyond the ether and making deals with the treacherous Tritons. Risk everything to travel beyond Death's Black Gate on a desparate quest. Get swallowed by a ship-eating demon-leviathan and try to find your way out of the strange world within its guts.

Also included is the campaign framework, Pack World, in which you and your friends play a tightly knit band of riders with incredible and intelligent beast-friends; an art zine; an actual play zine; and a collection of "extra" pages that didn't quite fit into the adventures. 

This bundle includes all Plundergrounds (Dungeon World adventure) zines from February 2017 to February 2019. I refer to this as "series 1." As of this posting it is all of the Plundergrounds zines available. Files include both screen-reading files and pages sorted into booklet form for printing on US Letter paper. (End digest size 8.5" tall by 5.5" wide.) 

Dungeon World rules used under the creative commons license.


Buy Now$13.00 USD or more

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artzine-2018-booklet.pdf 103 MB
artzine-2018.pdf 103 MB
pg1-apecity-booklet.pdf 15 MB
pg1-apecity-screen.pdf 17 MB
pg2-kazarak-booklet.pdf 26 MB
pg2-kazarak-screen.pdf 28 MB
pg3-hoard-booklet.pdf 25 MB
pg3-hoard-screen.pdf 25 MB
pg4-raiders-booklet.pdf 32 MB
pg4-raiders-screen.pdf 32 MB
pg4.5-packworld-booklet.pdf 29 MB
pg4.5-packworld-screen.pdf 29 MB
pg5-erinyes-booklet.pdf 35 MB
pg5-erinyes-screen.pdf 35 MB
pg6-black-gate-booklet.pdf 23 MB
pg6-black-gate-screen.pdf 24 MB
pg6.5-ppages1-booklet.pdf 9 MB
pg6.5-ppages1-screen.pdf 9 MB
pg7-onebite-booklet.pdf 15 MB
pg7-onebite-screen.pdf 15 MB
pg7.5-onebite-booklet.pdf 4 MB
pg7.5-onebite-screen.pdf 4 MB