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The inspiration for this small game came from two articles about the 1937 edition of The Hobbit and how it differed from its more commonly read revised version and what kind of world was implied by that edition, sans Lord of the Rings or The Silmarillion. The articles probably explain it better than I can, so I linked them below, but here is the introduction text to the game.

You are an adventurer in the world of The Hobbit. Specifically the world as it appeared in the 1937 edition of that book. Anyone can be a wizard with the right knowledge, trolls turn to stone in the sunlight, animals or magical objects can speak, elves aren't always nice, and the wild is full of terrible creatures like goblins, giant spiders, and even dragons!

You need 3d6 and the rules to play. When you print the sheet, set it horizontally/landscape, two-sided, binding on short edge. And don't let the printer scale it down. Then fold it accordion-style so that the title is on the front and the character sheet on the back. (Fold it once more if you want to stick it in your pocket.)


Original Rules in English 5 MB
Italian trans. by Francesco Catenacci 5 MB
Italian translation by Vittorio De Stefano 148 kB
Spanish translation by J. Cornelius 307 kB
French trans. by Bruno Bord, illus. by Guillaume Jentey 3 MB

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Lovely little game! Makes me wish to write a hack.

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I've used / am using these rules in four games now:

- solo play of the Barbarian Prince by Dwarfstar Games

- group play in Middle Earth

- group play of the Barbarian Prince

- duet play in Middle Earth.

Trying to persuade a prospective DM to use them for another group play Middle Earth game.

They're good multi-purpose rules that work for any not-overdone fantasy / fairy tale setting. The freeform but limited Magic concept especially works well, but the choices made in character building between combat and other skills also present some complexity that makes the rules fun to play with.

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. 

is it any different / updated from the one you put on your website sometimes ago?

Nope. Just migrating things over here. 

You did the translation right? Is there a link I can use to point people at it?


yes, sure: it's online here



Thanks for putting this up here Ray!


Hey Ray! I'm preparing to use TABA for a 3rd Age game set in Ered Luin. Thanks for this rule set as it's very elegant and fun.